Welcome to LibDemSites

A new way to make use of the Internet

LibDemSites is a new Internet solution for local Parties, affiliated organisations, parliamentarians and Councillors.

The system, which is so much more than just a web site, is based on a simple to use content management system. This allows user to manage the content of their sites, send out HTML formatted emails to electors, and update twitter and Facebook profiles.

Designed by Lib Dems for Lib Dems the system has been designed with easy-of-use and user-friendliness at the core of the system. With LibDemSites adding new pages, articles and images is quick and simple.

LibDemSites can be managed from any Internet connected computer, or even from your iPad or smartphone.

Being Lib Dems ourselves we understand the financial pressures all party bodies face and have therefore priced this solution at a cost that is affordable to all. Priced at just £12.50 per month, or you save more by paying £125 for a whole year, we are confident that this is a high quality, cost effective solution.

Introducing LibDemSites

All these features available for just


per month

or get 2 months free and pay just £125 for a year.

Easy to Manage Content

Managing your website could not be easier. A simple web interface allows you to add new content on the fly, with more powerful tools available for the more experienced user.

HTML Mail List

Every site comes with it's own HTML List Server with advanced statistics and built in subscription system. Its also simple to import your email addresses from EARS.

Integrated Document Management

Built-in Document Management tools allow you to easily manage information - including limiting access to members only areas

Social Networking Integration

imagesUpdate your Facebook and Twitter every time you add a new post, or show your twitter details on your site.